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Total Systems Package
At Uni-Vessel, we strive in helping all our clients reach their end goal. Therefore, our products and services are structured towards your requirements and for us to assist in you in your target area. We offer a Total systems Package from Ready-Made Products and Customized Systems to Consultative Services so clients can pick and choose what they need.

3 Core Areas of Uni-Vessel Products and Services:

Ready-Made Products
If you are looking for a part replacement or would like to add an additional component to your working system, we have an extensive listing of products for your choice:

  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication
  • Palm Oil Mill Mechanical Fabrication & Erection
  • Steel Structural Works
  • Steel Tanks
  • UVE Clutch Doors
  • Dish Ends

Customized Systems
Ready-made products not to your requirements? Uni-Vessel equips with one of the best fabrication and construction facilities in the region. We design and supply full-fledged or sub-systems in accordance with client's requirements and statutory bodies. We can customize our ready-made products to your required size and specification. Some of our completed custom systems are:

  • Customized Pressure Vessel Products
  • Palm Oil Mills (Capacities range from 5 tons/hour in Cambodia to 120 tons/hour in Indonesia)
  • Steel Structural Works of various capacities
  • Steel Tanks (Mild Steel with epoxy coating or Fully Stainless Steel)
  • UVE Clutch Doors

Palm Oil Mill Build By
Palm Oil Mill Build By
Palm Oil Mill Build By
Palm Oil Mill Build By

Palm Oil Mill Build By
Palm Oil Mill Build By
Loading Ramp Loading Ramp
Hydraulic Door

Loading Ramp Automated Sterilizer Automated Sterilizer Feeding Conveyor & 
Rotating Chute

Indexer System &
Draw Bridge
Indexer Horizontal Sterilizer Sterilizer Station

Sterilizer with
Automated Door
FFB Feeding Conveyor FFB Feeding Conveyor FFB Feeding Cages

FFB Cages & Transfer
Transfer Carriage Tipper Tipper

Tipper Before
Scrapper Bar Conveyor Elevator Thresher Drum

Auto Feeder Threshing Station Threshing Station Thresher

Press Station Press Station Digester Screw Press

Digester Depericarper Station Nut Grading Screen Empty  Bunch Crasher

Nut Polishing Drum Fiber & Shell Cyclones Fiber Cyclones Cyclones

Cyclone Ripper Mill Ripper Kernel Station

Elevator Kernel Drying Silo Kernel Bulk Silo Kernel Bulk Silo

Hydrocyclone Hydrocyclone Clay Bath Sludge Boiling Tank

Vibration Screen Steam Separator Sludge Seperator CPO Storage Tank

Dispatch & Oil Storage
Oil Storage Tank Clarifier Tank Raw Water Treatment

Kernel Drying Silo Vacuum Oil Dryer Diesel Tank Priming Tank

Water Clarifier Tank Water Treatment Plant Sand Filter Carbon Filter

Water Softener Vacuum Deaerator Overhead Water Tank Feed Water Plant

Vacuum Deaerator Water Softener Overhead Water Tank Blow Tank

Ionized Water Tank Black Pressure
Black Pressure

Consultative Services
Need professional technical advice on setting up a mill or optimize a process? We provide the following areas of expertise to kick-start and sustain your operation:

  • Design (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Tender Documentation
  • Parts Fabrication
  • Construction and Commission
  • Mill Operation and Maintenance